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Course List and Price


Aboriginal Awareness $34.95

Access to Medical and Exposure Records $79.95
Accessibility for Ontarian's with Disabilities Act (AODA )$0.00
Accident and Breakdown Procedures (US) $59.95
Accident Procedures: Driver Training Series $59.95
Accident/Incident Investigation $44.95
Active Shooter/Active Threat: How to Survive $49.95
Active Shooter/Active Threat: Organizational Preparedness & Recovery $49.95
Active Shooter: Preparation & Response (Bundle) $94.95
ADA for Supervisors $59.95
AED/CPR Awareness Course $39.95
Aerial and Scissor Lift Safety $79.95
Aerial and Scissor Lifts $99.95
Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Training $79.95
Aerial Lifts for Construction Online $59.95
Aerial Lifts for General Industry $59.95
Aerial Platform $99.95
Aerial Platform – Boom & Scissor $99.95
Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Certification $99.95
Agricultural Machinery Safeguarding $39.95

Air Brake Refresher Program $49.95
Air Emissions Management $69.95
Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need To Know $49.95
Alcohol and Drug Awareness $39.95
Ammonia Awareness $79.95
Applying Electrical Standards (US) $79.95
Arc Flash Hazard Awareness $44.95
Arc Flash/Arc Blast Awareness & Safety $49.95
Arc-Flash Awareness $49.95
Arsenic Awareness $79.95
Articulated Boom Truck (Knuckle Boom) $99.95
Asbestos Awareness $49.95
Asbestos Awareness (Three-Part) $219.85
Asbestos Awareness Training $49.95
Asbestos Hazard Awareness $69.95
Avoiding Rear-End Collisions - Large Vehicles (US) $79.95



Back Road and Trail Driving$44.95
Back Safety Basics$49.95
Back Safety in Industrial Environments$49.95
Back Safety: Keep Your Back In Action$49.95
Backing & Parking: Straight Truck Series$59.95

Backing Safety Fundamentals$49.95
Backing Safety Fundamentals DVD$267.80
Backing: Tractor-Trailers$49.95
Basic Electrical Safety$49.95
Basic Rigger and Signalman$99.95
Basic Rigging (Bundle)$139.95
BC Safe Driving$94.95
BC Safe Driving: Distracted Driving $49.95
Bear Awareness$39.95
Bear Awareness Online$34.95
Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)$79.95
Bench Grinder Safety$49.95
Benzene Safety$69.95
Biosafety Hazardous Waste Handling and Disposal (US)$79.95
Blasting Area Safety$79.95
Blocking and Cribbing$79.95
Bloodborne Pathogens$69.95
Bloodborne Pathogens in Commercial and Industrial Facilities$49.95
Bloodborne Pathogens Online$69.95
Bloodborne Pathogens Worker Safety$34.95


Cargo Securement for Dry Vans$34.95
Cargo Securement Tank Trucks and Trailers$30.95
Caught-In or -Between Hazards in Construction$49.95
Certified Transportation Safety Coordinator Application$49.95
Certified Transportation Safety Professional Application$49.95
Chainsaw Safety$79.95
Chainsaw Safety (OSHA)$69.95
Chainsaw Safety Awareness$79.95
Chainsaw Safety Training$69.95
Change Management$49.95
Chemical Safety$69.95
Chlorine Safety$69.95
CMV Driver Basics$59.95
Cold Stress$59.95
Cold Stress Awareness$65.95
Cold Stress Training$69.95
Commercial Driver Training Program Bundle$659.45
Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Overview for Drivers (US)$59.95
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety - International$54.95
Compressed Gas Cylinders$49.95
Compressed Gas Cylinders Online$49.95

Computer Workstation Design & Use$49.95
Concrete and Masonry$59.95
Confined Space Awareness & Rescue - Safety Training$79.95
Confined Space Awareness and Rescue$99.95
Confined Space Awareness for Entrants & Monitors$69.95
Confined Space Entry$89.95
Confined Space Entry and Monitor$99.95
Confined Space Entry and Monitor (SCS)$109.95
Confined Space Hazards for Canada $79.95
Confined Space Hazards for Construction$65.95
Confined Space Hazards International$43.95
Confined Space Permit-Required$79.95
Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Construction Activities$59.95
Confined Spaces: Entry Team Training - Maintenance Activities$49.95
Conflict Management for Employees$79.95
Conflict Resolution Series$69.95
Construction Safety Basics: In Case of an Emergency$59.95
Construction Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment$59.95
Construction Safety Basics: Work Environment$59.95
Construction Safety Basics: Work Practices$59.95

Construction Safety Orientation$79.95
Continuously Improve for Safety Excellence$79.95
Crane Hand Signaling (Bundle)$119.95
Crane Safety for General Industry$59.95
Cranes and Derricks for Construction$59.95
Criticality Safety$69.95
Crystalline Silica Awareness$69.95
Crystalline Silica for Construction Employees$49.95
Crystalline Silica for Construction Employers$49.95
Crystalline Silica for General Industry Employees$49.95
Crystalline Silica for General Industry Employers$49.95
CSA: Know the Basics$59.95
Culture of Early Reporting$79.95
Customer Service$227.00
Cyber Security Awareness$94.95


Daily Pre-Trip Inspection$89.95
Daily Pre-Trip Inspection Straight Truck Program$49.95
Daily Pre-Trip Inspections$49.95
Dairy Worker Safety Orientation$239.95
Dealing with Difficult Conversations$49.95

Defensive Driving$49.95
Defensive Driving (USA)$49.95
Defensive Driving - Large Vehicles$65.95
Defensive Driving - Small Vehicles$54.95
Defensive Driving Attitudes$75.00
Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers: Communicate$49.95
Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers: Look$49.95
Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers: Manage Speed & Space$49.95
Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers: Prepare$59.95
Defensive Driving for Light & Medium Duty Vehicles$59.95
Defensive Driving Fundamentals$75.00
Defensive Driving Fundamentals and Attitudes$145.00
Defensive Driving: 3 Demerit Reduction Program (Alberta)$99.95
Disability in the Workplace$69.95
Discrimination-Free Workplace$69.95
Distracted Driver$54.95
Distracted Driving$49.95
Distracted Driving Awareness$69.95
Distracted Driving, Walking, and Operating Machinery$29.95
Diversity & Discrimination for Employees$49.95
Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors$49.95

Dog Bite Prevention$39.95
Dog Bite Safety$69.95
DOT Driver Compliance (US)$79.95
DOT Hazmat General Awareness$49.95
Driver Fatigue$52.95
Driver Qualification Training for Managers$59.95
Driver Safety$69.95
Driver Wellness (US)$49.95
Driving Techniques: Driver Training Series$59.95
Driving Techniques: Straight Truck Series$49.95
Drone Safety Awareness$44.95
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace$69.95
Drugs and Alcohol: The Facts (US)$49.95
Due Diligence Awareness$99.95
Due Diligence for Supervisors$79.95
Dump Truck Safety$99.95
Dust Mask - Voluntary Use Guidelines$79.95


Effective Communication for Employees$49.95
Effective Communication for Supervisors$49.95
Effects of Stress on Driving$39.95

Egress and Emergency Action Plans - International$79.95
Electrical Risk Assessment 2017$44.95
Electrical Safety Training 2017$89.95
Electrical Safety Training Program$149.95
Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) Electrical Worker 2018$129.95
Electrical Safety Training System Electrical Workers USA - 2015 Standard Combo$124.95
Electrical Safety Training System Non-Electrical Workers - 2015 Standard$44.95
Electrical Safety: Training for Unqualified Employees$49.95
Electrocution for Construction: Focus Four Hazards$49.95
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Basics$59.95
Emergency Eyewash & Shower Use$59.95
Emergency Maneuvers: Driver Training Series$59.95
Emergency Planning$29.95
Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)$69.95
Emergency Preparedness and Response$49.95
Emergency Procedures$69.95
Emerging Leaders$59.95
Environmental Management$69.95
Environmental Training for Pipelines Program$79.95
Ergonomics: Office$49.95

Ethics and Code of Conduct$49.95
Ethics and Code of Conduct for Construction$49.95
Ethics for Everyone$59.95
Excavation Safety$49.95
Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring Safety$69.95
Excavations for Construction$49.95
Excavator - Safety Training$99.95
Excavator Operation and Safety$99.95
Exceptional Customer Service$49.95
Extreme Driving Conditions (US)$65.95
Extreme Weather Driving: Driver Training Series$59.95
Eye Safety$49.95


Fall Protection$99.95
Fall Protection (Alberta Edition)$99.95
Fall Protection (OSHA)$99.95
Fall Protection (US)$79.95
Fall Protection Awareness Online$49.95
Fall Protection for Construction$49.95
Fall Protection for General Industry$49.95
Fall Protection Training$78.95

Fatigue Management for Drivers$49.95
Fatigue Management for Supervisors$69.95
Fatigue Management for Supervisors and Drivers$69.95
Fire Extinguisher Use$49.95
Fire Prevention$49.00
Fire Prevention & Response$59.95
Fire Safety Awareness$69.95
Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety$79.95
First Aid Awareness$39.95
First Aid Basics Online$49.95
First Responder Wellness (101)$24.95
Fit For Duty - The Basics$49.95
Fixed Object Collisions: Driver Training Series$59.95
Flammable and Combustible Liquids$64.95
Flammable Liquid Safety$69.95
Fluid Injection Awareness$69.95
FMLA for Supervisors$49.95
Food Safety Basics - SafeCheck FrontLine$39.95
Food Service and Distribution - HACCP Overview (US)$79.95
Forklift Fundamentals$69.95

Forklift Operator Safety$79.95
Forklift Operator Safety Training for Construction $49.95
Forklift Training (Counterbalanced)$99.95
Forklift Training: Maintaining Your Forklift$49.95
Forklift Training: Non-Operator Safety$49.95
Forklift Training: Specialized Units & Attachments$49.95
Forklifts: Ultimate Hazard Perception Challenge (Advanced)$49.95
Formal Workplace Inspections $44.95
Formaldehyde Safety$69.95
Four Wheel Drive Fundamentals DVD$267.80
Four-Wheel Drive Fundamentals$69.95
Front End Loader Operation and Safety$99.95


Gas Detection$99.95
GHS and WHMIS 2015$24.95
GHS Awareness$19.95
GHS for Supervisors$99.95
GHS for Supervisors with Just HazCom and GHS Compliance Manual$199.95
Giving and Receiving Feedback - Global$79.95
Goal Setting$0.00
Ground Disturbance 201$94.95

Ground Disturbance 201 (Proctored)$114.95
Ground Disturbance Awareness (Saskatchewan Edition)$49.95
Ground Disturbance Awareness Online$49.95


H2S $99.95
Hand & Foot Protection: PPE Employee Essentials$49.95
Hand & Power Tools for Construction$49.95
Hand and Power Tool Safety for Construction$49.95
Hand Safety$69.95
Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety$54.95
Harassment Prevention$39.95
Hazard Assessment Training$49.95
Hazard Communication$65.95
Hazard Communication - Labels$79.95
Hazard Communication - Safety Data Sheets$79.95
Hazard Communication Awareness$69.95
Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control$44.95
Hazardous Substances: Spill Discovery & Notification$59.95
Hazardous Waste Management$69.95
Hazards of Changing Lanes - Large Vehicles (US)$79.95
Hazards of Changing Lanes for Light Commercial Vehicles$79.95
Hazards of Speeding for Large Vehicles$79.95

Hazards of Speeding for Light Commercial Vehicles$79.95
Hazards of Tailgating for Large Vehicles$79.95
Hazards of Tailgating for Light Commercial Vehicles$79.95
HazCom: GHS Container Labels$49.95
HazCom: GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)$59.95
HazCom: Introduction to Hazard Communication & GHS$49.95
Hazcom: What You Need to Know$29.95
Hazmat Training Made Easier$59.95
HazMat Transportation$237.95
Hazmat: General Awareness$49.95
Hazmat: Highway Transportation Driver Training$59.95
Hazmat: Loading/Unloading & Load Segregation$59.95
Hazmat: Marking$59.95
Hazmat: Packaging$59.95
Hazmat: Placarding$59.95
Hazmat: Reporting an Incident$59.95
Hazmat: Security Awareness & Safety$59.95
Hazmat: Shipping Papers$59.95
Hazmat: The Hazardous Materials Table$59.95
HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training (Bundle)$237.95

HAZWOPER Refresher$49.95
HAZWOPER: Chemical Fundamentals$49.95
HAZWOPER: Confined Spaces$49.95
HAZWOPER: Decontamination$49.95
HAZWOPER: Electrical Safety & Lockout/Tagout$49.95
HAZWOPER: Emergency Response Planning $49.95
HAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring & Sampling$49.95
HAZWOPER: Fire Prevention & Protection$49.95
HAZWOPER: Handling & Shipping Drums & Containers$49.95
HAZWOPER: Hazardous Substance Recognition & Identification$49.95
HAZWOPER: Health & Physical Hazards$49.95
HAZWOPER: Introduction to HAZWOPER for Waste Site Workers$59.95
HAZWOPER: Medical Program$49.95
HAZWOPER: Overview for Waste Site Workers$49.95
HAZWOPER: PPE and Other Hazard Control Measures$59.95
HAZWOPER: Radiation & Biological Exposures $49.95
HAZWOPER: Respiratory Protection$49.95
HAZWOPER: Site Control Measures$49.95
HAZWOPER: Temperature Extremes$49.95
HAZWOPER: Written HAZWOPER Plans & Programs$49.95

Head, Eye, & Face Protection: PPE Employee Essentials$49.95
Hearing Conservation$49.95
Hearing Conservation and Safety$59.95
Hearing Conservation Online$69.95
Heat Stress$49.95
Heat Stress (Global)$54.95
Heat Stress Awareness$69.95
Hot Work$49.95
Hot Work Program$24.95
Hot Work with Arc Welding$69.95
Hot Work: Safety Operations Training$49.95
Hours of Service$99.95
Hours of Service Canada$49.95
Hours of Service Rules for Oil & Gas CMV Drivers$59.95
Hours of Service Rules for Passenger-Carrying CMV Drivers$59.95
Hours of Service Rules for Property Carrying CMV Drivers$59.95
Hours of Service: A Driver's Guide (USA)$49.95
Hours of Service: How to Fill Out Paper Logs$59.95
Hydraulic Safety in Construction$99.95
Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level$99.95
Hydraulic Safety: High Risk Maintenance Level$149.95

Hydrogen Sulfide for General Industry$49.95
Hydrogen Sulfide for Oil & Gas$49.95


ICC Shipping Biological Substances & Dry Ice by Ground & Air (CA)$134.95
ICC Shipping Biological Substances & Dry Ice by Ground & Air (US)$135.00
ICC Shipping Biological Substances & Dry Ice by Ground (CA) $99.00
ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air$224.95
ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground (Canada)$39.95
ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground Drivers and Handlers (Canada)$39.95
ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground: Transborder (Canada to US)$227.00
ICC Shipping Dangerous Goods by Sea (US & Canada)$225.00
ICC Shipping Dry Ice by Air & Ground (US)$89.95
ICC Shipping Hazardous Materials by Ground & Air (US)$318.00
ICC Shipping Hazardous Materials by Ground (US)$234.00
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air (CA & US)$224.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground & Air (CA)$269.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground & Air (US)$269.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground (CA)$237.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground (US)$237.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground, Air & Sea (CA)$350.95
ICC Shipping Lithium Batteries by Ground, Air, & Sea (US)$350.95

ICC Shipping Radioactive by Ground & Air (Canada)$227.00
ICC Shipping Radioactives by Ground & Air (US)$226.95
ICC Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Ground for Handlers (US)$39.95
ICC Using Small Quantities in 49 CFR & IATA (US)$99.00
ICC WHMIS 2015 General Awareness$13.95
ICS 100 (AMHSA)$24.95
ICS 200$124.95
ICS 402$49.95
Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis$74.95
Incident Investigation Online$79.95
Incident Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses$49.95
Indoor Air Quality (MARCOM)$49.95
Indoor Air Quality Awareness$69.95
Industrial Ergonomics$49.95
Industrial Safety Orientation$65.95
Injury and Illness Prevention Program$79.95
Injury Prevention for CMV Drivers$49.95
Introduction to Automotive Shop Safety$0.00
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene (US)$79.95
Introduction to OSHA (US)$34.95

It's All About Attitude! General Duty Vehicle$349.95
It's All About Attitude! School Buses DVD$374.80


Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)$49.95
Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC)$79.95
Joint Health and Safety Committees Awareness$39.95
Journey Management$49.95


Laboratory Ergonomics Course$39.95
Ladder Safety (UL)$79.95
Ladder Safety Awareness$69.95
Ladder Safety for General Industry$49.95
Ladder Safety Online$34.95
Ladder Safety Training$49.95
Lattice Boom/Crawler Crane$99.95
Lead Awareness$69.95
Lead Poisoning (US)$62.95
Leadership for Safety$79.95
Leadership Fundamentals$49.95
Leadership in Safety$119.95
Leadership Vision$19.95
Learner's Permit Preparation (Alberta)$19.95
Load Chart Interpretation and Calculations$149.95

Load Securement and Distribution$36.95
Load Securement for Heavy Equipment (US)$79.95
Loader Backhoe Operation and Safety$99.95
Loading & Unloading: Straight Truck Series$49.95
Lockout / Tagout Online$79.95
Lockout / Tagout: Put a Lock on Hazardous Energy$59.95
Lockout Tagout (LOTO)$39.95
Lockout Tagout in the Workplace$49.95


Machine Guard Safety$49.95
Machine Guarding$69.95
Machine Guarding Online$49.95
Manager's Role$69.95
Managing Medical Marijuana in the Workplace$79.95
Managing Safety Self-Awareness$49.95
Master Driver: Air Brakes$59.95
Master Driver: Coupling & Uncoupling$59.95
Master Driver: Pattern Driving$59.95
Master Driver: Rear End Collisions$59.95
Master Driver: Rural Driving$59.95

Material Handling Safety$49.95
Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal for Construction$49.95
Materials Handling and Storage$79.95
Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training$69.99
Motorcoach: Defensive Driving$59.95
Motorcoach: Vehicle Inspections$59.95
Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation$59.95


National Safety Code Overview$29.95
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)$59.95
Night Driving: Driver Training Series$49.95
North American Cargo Securement$74.95
North American Cargo Securement Core Program$34.95


Occupational Disease$49.95
Office Ergonomics$69.95
Office Ergonomics Training$39.95
Office Safety: It's Not Magic$49.95
OH&S and the Law for Supervisors$99.95
Oilfield Driver Safety Program$79.95
Orientation: Train the Trainer$39.95
OSHA - What You Need to Know (US)$49.95

OSHA 300 Recordkeeping Requirements$79.95
OSHA Inspections for Construction & Multi-Employer Worksites$79.95
Overexertion Injury Prevention$49.95
Overhead Crane Awareness$99.95
Overhead Cranes$199.95


Performing Safety Inspections - Global$62.95
Personal Protective Equipment: Employee Essentials Online$49.95
Personal Protective Equipment: Safe at Work$49.95
Personal Safety & Security for CMV Drivers$49.95
Pool Safety$39.95
Portable Grinders and Abrasive Wheels$49.95
Power Tool and Extension Cord Safety$49.95
Powered Industrial Truck Safety$69.95
Preventing Back Injury$79.95
Preventing Injuries: Avoiding Sprains & Strains$49.95
Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls (Global)$65.95
Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees$34.95
Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers$79.95
Prime Contractor$69.95
Process Safety Management (PSM) (US)$65.95
Professional Driver Improvement Course - (PDIC)$129.95

Professional Driver Improvement Course PDIC - (Proctored)$149.95
Propane Handling & Exchange$43.95
Provincial Hours of Service (Alberta) $99.95
Pulling Doubles $59.95


Radiofrequency Training$79.95
RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Training$49.95
Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Employees$50.00
Reasonable Suspicion and Managing Impairment for Supervisors$95.00
Reasonable Suspicion for Employees$74.95
Reasonable Suspicion in the Workplace: Identity, Document & Address$24.95
Reasonable Suspicion Testing: What Supervisors Need to Know$59.95
Reasonable Suspicion Training for Alcohol and Substance Abuse$54.95
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Bundle$158.95
Respiratory Protection$49.95
Respiratory Protection: Breathing Safely$49.95
Responding to Violent & Aggressive Patients & Others$74.95
Rigging (Basic)$99.95
Rigging (Intermediate)$149.95
Rigging and Slinging (Advanced)$199.95
Rigging Knowledge Verification$49.95

Right Turns / Left Turns / Intersections$59.95
Road Rage (US)$49.95
Roadside Inspections: A Driver's Guide (Second Edition)$59.95


Safe Backing & Turning$38.95
Safe Backing Procedures and Blind Spots$64.95
Safe Use of Sit-Stand Workstations$21.95
Safe Vehicle Operations$79.95
Safety Audits for Employees$49.95
Safety Everywhere - Fire Safety$79.95
Safety Everywhere - Staying Safe on Two Wheels$79.95
Safety Everywhere: Carbon Monoxide$79.95
Safety Everywhere: Dealing With Heat$79.95
Safety Knowledge Evaluation (SKE)$0.00
Safety Leadership: A Supervisor's Responsibility$49.95
Safety Moments$79.95
Safety: It's Your Responsibility$49.95
Sales Training$0.00
Sanitary Food Transportation$49.95
Scaffold Safety$69.95

Scaffolding Safety for General Industry$49.95
Scaffolds for Construction$49.95
School Bus Cargo and Safety Online$39.95
School Bus Inspections$29.95
School Safety$49.95
Scissor Lifts for Construction$79.95
Scissor Lifts for General Industry$49.95
Seasonal Agricultural Workers Health and Safety Orientation$39.95
Security Awareness 49 CFR$11.95
Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention for Managers (California AB 1825 and
Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground: General Awareness (Canada)$13.95
Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground: Transborder (US to Canada)$227.00
Shipping Dry Ice by Air & Ground (Canada)$89.95
Sideboom Operator$199.95
Sit-Down Forklifts$99.95
Skid Steer Loader$99.95
Skid Steer Loader Operation and Safety$99.95
Skid Steer Safety$49.95
Slips & Trips for Construction$59.95
Slips & Trips for Construction$59.95

Slips and Trips: Workplace Safety$59.95
Slips, Trips and Falls$69.95
Slips, Trips, & Falls: Hazard Perception Challenge$59.95
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans$69.95
Spray Finishing$79.95
Stacking and Storage Practices for Construction$79.95
Stairway for General Industry$49.95
Stairways and Ladders for Construction$49.95
Stand-Up Forklifts$99.95
Stand-Up Forklifts (OSHA)$99.95
Step Bolts & Manhole Steps for Telecommunications$49.95
Stop Signs & Signals for Light Commercial Vehicles$79.95
Stormwater Management$69.95
Stretching for the Office $29.95
Struck-By Hazards in Construction$49.95
Substance Abuse Training for Employees$49.95
Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors$49.95
Superior Leadership$59.95
Supervisor Harassment Training (CA-AB1825/AB2053/SB396)$39.95
Supervisor Skills$49.95
Supervisor's Role$44.95

Suspended Scaffolding Safety$49.95


Tasks and Corrective Actions$79.95
TDG Regulations Binder$145.99
TDG Self Study Guide$31.99
Team Building for Employees$59.95
Team Building for Supervisors$59.95
Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift)$99.95
Telehandler Certification$99.95
Telescopic Handlers$99.95
The Human Element (US)$79.95
The Respectful Workplace$49.95
Time Management$19.95
Towing Trailers$79.95
Traffic Control Persons for Construction$59.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)$34.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods - TDG$34.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada (TDG)$35.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Class 2, 3 and 4 - (TDG)$30.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods – (TDG Online)$33.95
Tree Trimming Safety$79.95

Trench Safety$99.95
Trench Safety - Training$79.00
Trending and Analysis$79.95
Trip Inspections for Buses and Vans$79.95


Using Eyewashes and Emergency Showers - International$49.95
Using Small Quantity Exemptions in TDG & IATA (Canada)$99.00
Van Safety (15 Passenger)$79.95
Vehicle & Roadside Inspections$49.95
Vehicle Ergonomics$39.95
Vehicle Inspection for Heavy Equipment$79.95
Vehicle Inspections: Intermodal Chassis$29.95
Vehicle Inspections: Refrigerated Trailers$29.95
Vehicle Inspections: Straight Truck Series$49.95
Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers$49.95
Vehicle Mounted Aerial Lift (Bucket Trucks)$99.95
Verbal Judo - Essential Conflict Management$59.95
Violence and Harassment in the Workplace$49.95


Walking on Icy Surfaces$29.95
Walking-Working Surfaces: What Employees Need to Know$49.95
Walking-Working Surfaces: What Supervisors Need to Know$49.95

Walking/Working Surfaces$34.95
Wastewater and Stormwater Management$69.95
Weights and Dimensions (Alberta)$49.95
Welding, Cutting and Brazing for Construction$79.95
Welding: Safety & Health Protections$49.95
What If? Mentality$79.95
Wheel Chocks & Dockboards$49.95
WHMIS + WHMIS 2015$29.95
WHMIS 2015$29.95
WHMIS 2015 & TDG Bundle$64.90
WHMIS 2015 (GHS)$29.95
WHMIS 2015 and 1988$34.95
WHMIS 2015 and TDG$69.90
WHMIS 2015 Certification$29.95
WHMIS 2015 for Supervisors and Managers$99.95
WHMIS 2015 for Supervisors and Managers with Guide & Procedure Manual$199.95
WHMIS 2015 GHS Certification$24.95
WHMIS 2015 GHS Re-certification$18.95
WHMIS 2015 Refresher$19.95
WHMIS 2015 Self Study Guide$31.99
WHMIS 2015 with GHS$34.95

WHMIS/GHS 2015$34.95
Wilderness & Bear Awareness$69.95
Wilderness Awareness$64.95
Winter Driving Fundamentals$49.95
Winter Driving Fundamentals DVD$267.80
Winter Driving Program$49.95
Winter Safety: Working & Driving in Snow, Ice, & Extreme Cold$49.95
Wood Tick Safety$24.95
Work Zone Safety (US)$79.95
Worker Orientation for Construction$69.95
Working Alone$74.95
Working Alone Awareness Training$49.95
Working in Confined Spaces on the Farm$39.95
Workplace Bullying & Violence: Training for Employees$59.95
Workplace Bullying & Violence: Training for Supervisors$59.95
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention$74.95
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Training$59.95
Workplace Harassment: The Real Deal (CONSTRUCTION)$25.95
Workplace Harassment: The Real Deal (US)$25.95
Workplace Injury & Illness: OSHA Reporting & Recordkeeping for Managers$49.95

Workplace Safety Basics: Safe Use of Equipment$49.95
Workplace Stress (MARCOM)$49.95
Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention (US)$39.95
Workplace Violence Prevention$39.95
Workplace Violence Prevention - Global$43.95
Workplace Violence Prevention Training$44.95

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