In New Brunswick 

We are committed to helping you become one of the safest carriers on the road. We believe that safe carriers are the only ones that have earned the right to be on the road. We have the knowledge to help you succeed. As well as the skills and abilities to educate and train, you and your team. You must posses the willingness and desire to succeed.


Our team of professionals will help assist you in becoming an industry leader. By providing you with a comprehensive compliance program, The Canadian Regulatory Compliance Group can help drive revenue, increase performance capabilities and organizational resilience, all while helping to build customer confidence. 

We provide, assist and do the following to help you succeed:

· Initial GAP Analysis (Analyze your current state, Identify the ideal future state, Bridge that gap)

 Our GAP analysis is a very detailed process where we:

 Review your safety and maintenance program, maintenance files, driver files and conduct driver log audits for   form, manner and fatigue violations. We then review your policies and procedures, hiring practices, driver   qualifications and employee training records, as well as both you and your driver's knowledge on relevant NSC   (National Safety Code) and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) items. We then continue this process by reviewing your inspections (not just the vehicle) and your carrier profile (all parts). We look at your WorkSafeNB rate and review your previous and current claims. With this information one of our professionals will provide a detailed action plan with realistic timelines, and advise you on what is required to bridge that gap. 

· Design, Create, Update, Monitor, Manage Company Safety Program ensuring compliance with New Brunswick and federal regulations

· Design, Create, Update, Monitor, Manage Company Maintenance Program ensuring compliance with provincial and federal regulations

· Develop, revise and implement company safety policies, procedures and programs

· Maintain compliance with National Safety Code standards to ensure successful completion of NSC audits

· Monitor and manage company Driver files ensuring compliance with provincial / federal Canadian regulations

· Monitor and manage company Vehicle files ensuring compliance with provincial / federal Canadian regulations

· Review driver’s daily logs (paper and e-log) according to NSC regulations for form, manor and fatigue violations 

· Advise on the selection of ELD’s (e-logs)

· Monitor, Review, Advise and Instruct on the use of ELD’s (e-logs)

· Advise and assist with WorkSafeNB related items

· We look at your WorkSafeNB rate and review your previous and current claims to identify opportunities for cost relief and premium savings

· Develop implement and maintain a return to work program

· Promote compliance with OHS standards to ensure successful completion of COR audits

· Lead in house and third-party training with managers and employees for compliance with provincial and federal transportation regulations and requirements

· Advise and assist in Permit Applications

· Assist, offer guidance on performing site inspections to ensure compliance and consistency of safety programs

· Assist, offer guidance with incident, accident and near miss investigations and identification of root cause

· After third month arrange for and facilitate membership with the APTA (Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association) on the client’s behalf

· Ability to handle sensitive information and maintain utmost confidentiality at all times with tact, diplomacy and integrity

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